System as Defined

PAF PAYROLL SYSTEM (PPS) - Is an automated system whereby the regular pay and allowances and other yearly/one-time allowances and other PS claims of PAF personnel are centrally prepared, processed and paid thru Automatic Teller Machine (ATM).
FINANCIAL INSTITUTION LOAN MONITORING SYSTEM (FILMS) - A system which guaranteed strict implementation of all AFP Policies related to Pay and Allowances of PAF Personnel such as Minimum Net Take Home Pay, Effective Interest on Loans, Automatic Stoppage of Amortization upon Full Payment and Others.
PAF VARIABLE AND COLLATERAL CLAIMS SYSTEM (VCCS)- An automated System whereby all Variable and Collateral claims of PAF Personnel are centrally prepared, processed, and paid thru Automatic Debit Advice (ATM).
COMMERCIAL CLAIMS PAYMENT SYSTEM (CCPS) - An automated system which caters the processing and payment of Commercial Claims/MOOE thru advice to debit account (ADA).
FINANCE COLLATERAL PROCESSING SYSTEM (FiCoPS) - An automated system which caters the automated publication and confirmation of personnel and special orders for the grant of collateral claims.
PAF UTILITIES MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (PUMS) - A system designed to create a database system that will establish a link between the PAF bases, AFFC and AFAC in the billing collection and generation of reports of electric consumption. It simplified the transaction in the payment of utilities and aims to treat the problems encountered in the collection of current and back accounts.